About Us

About Us

Language is the universal link that connects people all over the world.

T R U 3 Y comes to life through the authentic language we speak amongst friends and family that you wouldn't find in the oxford dictionary. Hence our mantra "Authentic language through Authentic Clothing".

The story goes that a good Friend of ours Nemani Nadolo, on his travels around the world through rugby took him to places like England, Japan, NZ, Italy, France and of course Australia and left his mark in the most authentic way through language. Words like "TRU3Y" and "U LUV iT" became everyday words used by his team mates all over the world and continue to be used to this day, that was his legacy and impact he left behind. 

Our brand is about connecting people together through that authentic language and bringing it to life through our clothing line, videos and social media content, so before too long you'll be saying "U LUV iT" too.

T R U 3 Y encourages you to embrace your authentic language and to share it with the world by being true to yourself.

T R U 3 Y